High Tide for Water Prices; Yet Another BLT Opens

Ah, the joys of free-flowing water. Well, kind of free — the city water board just agreed to up water costs 11.5 percent this year, and another 11.5 percent next year. [NYP]

A guide to New York restaurants that play that wonderful organ music. [Gridskipper]

A stealth addition to the ever-expanding BLT empire: a BLT Steak in the Westchester Ritz-Carlton. []

Lee Hefter, one of the top chefs in L.A. and Wolfgang Puck’s chief lieutenant, goes to Japan once a year for inspiration, and this year took a couple of reporters in tow. “‘It’s amazing how many people go through life thinking they’ve had tempura,’ Hefter says, with pity.” [LAT]

People still like fast-food restaurants about as much as they like hospitals – if that much. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

NYC Taste of a Nation, a ten-megaton event featuring 50 of the city’s top chefs, will happen at Roseland Ballroom on Wednesday the 23rd. Tickets are $275 but benefit a hunger charity. [The Strong Buzz]

Nina Lalli, claiming to be increasingly impoverished and portly, turns from her recent pork excursions to look into some of the city’s top tofu spots. [Eat for Victory/VV]

High Tide for Water Prices; Yet Another BLT Opens