Hello, Five Guys Burgers; Bush Versus Overfishing

The Five Guys burger chain, which has fanatical adherents in Washington D.C., came to New York without anybody knowing it. And the burgers at its Queens location are outstanding. [Serious Eats]

All we have to do to replenish the ocean’s devastated fish populations is to leave them alone, which is well within the power of our unpopular president. [NYT]

Shock jocks JV and Elvis have, predictably, been fired for their idiotic Chinese-restaurant phone prank, in which they called up live to ask for “shrimp flied lice” and “some old dung.” [WNBC]

O.J.’s lawyer backpedals on the threat to sue the Louisville restaurant that threw the Juice out during the Kentucky Derby. [Toronto Sun]

“Single, everyday ingredients are being treated with the same reverence as caviar” these days; one is whole-milk ricotta. [NYT]

In honor of National Burger Month, the B.R. Guest restaurant group invited diners to submit burger recipes, the best of which will be served this month. But it sounds like the ones that didn’t make the cut, like the gefilte fish and dessert burgers, were more interesting than the ones that did. [NYP]

Angelo and Maxie’s to open the cheaper Angelo & Maxie’s Grill next door in July; Fresco by Scotto is set to open an 8,000-square-foot operation at 10 Hanover Square in the fall. [Restaurant Girl]

Keith Martin’s lamb, which is considered among the best in the country, is now available in New York City retail stores for the first time. [Ruhlman]

Hello, Five Guys Burgers; Bush Versus Overfishing