Gordon Ramsay Cannot Be Bothered With Your ‘McNuggets’

We like candid interviews, and no one gives a better interview than Gordon Ramsay, the celebrated yet tempermental Glasgow-born chef behind 10 Michelin stars.

Ramsay recently responed to rival Marco Pierre White’s claims that McDonald’s consistently puts out better food than many of London’s top restaurants, including some of Ramsay’s own babies. In an interview with The Independent, Ramsay responded to White’s allegations as “absolute and utter crap.” In his signature foul-mouthed fashion, he then continued his verbal diatribe, “discussing” White, McDonald’s, food critics and more.

Some select Ramsayian quotes after the jump. Be warned though; Ramsay’s lip pulls no punches.

On White’s contention that McDonald’s deserves praise: “Did you see what happened to that guy who ate fast food for 30 days in the Super Size Me documentary? … To turn around after that and say that McDonald’s is consistent: it is consistently bland.”

On the Big Mac: “Strip a Big Mac back of everything it’s filled up with and you’ve got two bland basics: fat and fodder. When you think of how exciting it is to make a hamburger from a chef’s point of view - with ground mince, ketchup, Tabasco and onions - and how easy that is, then why do you have to buy that crap?”

On chefs: “Chefs are sh** at running businesses … When you look at the f***-ups with Marco and [Jean-Christophe] Novelli, and what they’ve done in terms of how their businesses have disappeared and sunk without a trace, it’s because they’ve tried to run those businesses themselves.”

On his subpar NY Times review: “The fat, lazy thing about Frank Bruni was all the little seedy, undercover blog bullsh*** … I don’t give two f***s about it. Never have; never met the guy; not even remotely interested. I’m being judged on my persona as opposed to my food, and you know what? F*** it.”

On food critics: “The thing I find fascinating is, what qualifications do you need to become a food critic then? None. Good luck to them. You look at Giles Coren who’s got an advert for Birds Eye fish fingers, and he’s the food critic of The Times and it’s like ‘hello’? A A Gill writes cookbooks for The Ivy and Le Caprice, takes a nice advance from them, and then comes to pan others. You know, f*** all that shit.”

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Gordon Ramsay Cannot Be Bothered With Your ‘McNuggets’