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First Strawberries Arrive to Find the Market a Regular Sausagefest

First finish your squid and sausages, and then you can have some strawberries.
First finish your squid and sausages, and then you can have some strawberries.haha Photo: Zoe Singer

Peonies stole the show last Saturday, while strawberries have sidled in at Yuno’s stand on Mondays and Fridays. There should be berries in quantity by next weekend, but for now we’re focusing on meatier matters, like what to grill as we kick off the outdoor-cooking season.

What to Look For
Eugene the sheep farmer is “designing sausages,” like the exotic curried lamb sausage with pomegranate. Scented with curry and cinnamon and studded with currants, the mild, fresh lamb sausage coil can be skewered, grilled, and served in pita with yogurt. Stay tuned for new “designs,” including one with rose petals ($13 per pound at Catskill Merino, available Saturday).

Many stands sell great hot dogs, like the juicy, flavor-packed pork dogs at Flying Pigs. For toppings, the choice is simple: Go for organic ruby-red raw sauerkraut. Tangy, savory, even healthy, the deep red kraut takes hot dogs — and anything else you put it on — to a whole new level ($5 per fifteen-ounce jar of kraut at Hawthorne Valley, available Wednesday and Saturday; $9.50 per pound for dogs at Flying Pigs, available Saturday).

In addition to game, including grill-worthy venison sausage, Quattro’s Game Farm sells cut-up marinated chicken, allowing last-minute grillers to get incredibly juicy, flavorful results. The overnight marinade includes lemon juice, olive oil, fresh parsley, onion, garlic, and a blend of sweeteners — peach preserves, honey, and maple syrup — which simply add a nice caramelized char (venison sausage is $10 per pound, marinated chicken is $4 per pound at Quattro’s, available Saturday).

Nothing beats pre-cleaned squid for grilling ease — toss with olive oil and salt, grill a few minutes per side, and you’re done. Plus, grilling is arguably the best way to enjoy the tasty little cephalopods. Once they’ve taken on some char, quarter the tentacles, cut the bodies into rings, squeeze with lemon and serve over pasta or salad — or get fancy and grill stuffed squid to serve with salsa verde (see recipe) (cleaned squid are $5.95 per pound at Pura Vida, available Friday; $6.50 per pound at PE & DD, available Monday and Saturday).

This Just In
Beth’s Jams will have pickled fiddleheads next Saturday! Crunchy, earthy, piquant, and reminiscent of pickled okra, they partner well with a mixed grill. And no one else on your block has them — unless you live near the Spotted Pig, which has already placed an order ($14 per sixteen-ounce jar at Beth’s Farm Kitchen, available Friday and Saturday).

Overheard at the Market: Bragging-Rights Department
“The other day I broiled a skirt steak with ramps all around it; they got a little black, and they were sooo sweet!”

— Zoe Singer

First Strawberries Arrive to Find the Market a Regular Sausagefest