First Look: S.P.Q.R.

This week’s edition of the Tablehopper contains all kinds of dirt on what may be the town’s most highly coming attraction. S.P.Q.R., you’ll remember, took over the Chez Nous space on Fillmore earlier, behind the dollars of the A16 people. The theme–a Roman osteria–has been revealed, but now more details are starting to trickle in, via Ms. Tablehopper:

S.P.Q.R.’s Rome-centric menu will be gutsy and rustic, with a casual neighborhood enoteca vibe (no reservations). Nate Appleman will be manning the stoves alongside his best friend Daniel Holzman … The potential menu items inspire great pangs of hunger. There is an array of cold plates (marinated salt cod with green tomatoes and endive), hot (sardines alla piastra with a breadcrumb salsa), and fried dishes (panzarotti, or mozzarella in carozza) that you can choose from to create your own sampler for $7 each or your choice of three for $16, five for $25. Pastas will include Roman classics, like cacio e pepe, aglio e olio, all’amatriciana, or what is sure to be a killer carbonara. And since people tend to disagree about what is the most authentic pasta for each of these preparations, you can take your pick from bucatini, rigatoni, or spaghetti. (I like my amatriciana with bucatini, thank you very much.) There will also be some fresh pastas, like tonnarelli. (Grumble grumble, be quiet stomach!)

There’s lots more information in the rest of the weekly newsletter, like some tidbits about the wine list (all-Italian, ~50 labels) and the timeframe for opening (August?). Sampler platters? Traditional pastas? A huge wine list, with plenty by the glass? Could this be San Francisco’s answer to Lupa, Manhattan’s foremost “Roman osteria”?

This is all proving to be exciting … very exciting.

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First Look: S.P.Q.R.