Elsewhere in the Menuniverse: Jealousy

…and how it’s relevant to you, Chicagoan

Last time we visited the Menuniverse, we petulantly proclaimed Chicago unassailable in every category that we carefully selected from the MenuPages blogs in Boston, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. There are, in fact, things that Chicago does not or cannot have, and while we’re sad about that, we’re keeping our chin up. Here, briefly, is our mea culpa:

Topography irregularities. Look at this neat castle, and imagine eating in it [MP:San Francisco]

Oceanic penninsulas. Lake Michigan is nice, but it will never have the sea breezes and lobsters of Provincetown [MP:Boston]

Italian Food Festivals. Does Chicago have one? We think it used to, but we’re sure it’s nothing like this one [MP:Philly]

In every other context, however, we remain superior.


Elsewhere in the Menuniverse: Jealousy