Digesting The Reviews: It’s Dogpatch Time

We have an admission.

We love the Dogpatch.

The name perfectly epitomizes the neighborhood’s quaint, essence-of-San Francisco charm. So, naturally, we were excited when Piccino Cafe opened a couple months ago, and we practically wet ourselves with the deluge of positive reviews the little cafe has received since then. Today’s article in the Bay Guardian is no exception:

Part of Piccino’s charm is its snugness, but the food is so good that demand is bound to raise the issue of expansion sooner or later, probably sooner. While that question simmers, wedge yourself in at one of the knee-to-knee tables, pour yourself a tumbler of water from your personal stash, have a bite of flatbread, and scan the brief menu.

All in all, the ingredient-driven food and “serious yet warm industrial” ambiance left Paul Reidinger with nothing bad to say about the city’s newest neighborhood gem. We can’t help but wonder if Piccino’s evolution will follow the Dogpatch’s fate, as it seems inevitable that the onetime desert is becoming an up-and-coming area. [SFBG]

Staying with the Guardian, L.E. Leone’s Cheap Eats ventures into Casa Mexicana this week. Leone vouches for the spicy chipotle burrito and even invents a new type of burrito: the burrito butt burrito. Makes sense. [SFBG]

Around the horn: Meredith Brody gets wowed–wowed!--by Maverick (sidenote: she’s probably the only one in the Bay Area who’s fond of a maverick right now), the Tablehopper’s in Australia and opinions abound on Michael Mina.

Digesting The Reviews: It’s Dogpatch Time