Craig LaBan Sings!

Multimedia content from newspapers is justified by the Craig LaBan music video that was posted to this morning. As part of the Inky’s special cheeseburger-focused food section, LaBan performed his original balled “Cheeseburger, I Hold”. That’s him singing in the picture. These are his lyrics:

Truffles fall like snowflakes, on my plate
Sparkling crystal goblets always brim with wine
I can eat anything that I want, ’cause it’s my job
I’m a hungry man for hire.
And still, nothing sets my soul to sizzle
Like a fresh-ground patty on the grill…Chorus:Cheeseburger, I hold
Mischief heart of liquid bleu
Cheeseburger, I hold
You melt into mine All my life, I’ve been a burger chaser
That perfect simple sandwich shouldn’t be so hard to find
But how many times have I been sorry, after just one bite
To find a fraud between the buns
The patty smashers! (No juice! No juice!)
The topping fools! (Pile the pink tomatoes on!)
The fast food stand-ins for good old school
So when the grinder’s gift hears that charcoal song
Lay your best Roquefort and crisp bacon on!

ChorusI remember: Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burgers, Mo’s in Frisco, In-N-Out
Barclay’s sliders, Rouge’s biggies, on the Boardwalk I love Brown’s
Burger Heaven in Manhattan , Tommy’s Westwood chile bombs
Midnight snacks at the Camellia, in the Quarter Port of Call
But then the Good Dog Bar turned my patties inside out
So when I took a bite, love came rushing out.



Cheeseburger, I Hold [Inquirer]


Craig LaBan Sings!