Clickery: Beverages Everywhere!

In case you didn’t get enough to drink during Cocktail Week 2007

• The good folks behind Yield Wine Bar, Celine Guillou and Chris Tavelli, reveal the secrets behind San Francisco’s one and only “green” wine bar. [Into Wine]

• In an excellent interview with Wine Spectator, Douglas Keane (of Cyrus fame) reveals that at one point, he just decided to “put the Budweiser down and figure out what wine tastes like.” Until Michelin grants two stars to a restaurant with a Budweiser pairing, we’d say Keane made the right decision. Probably. [Wine Spectator Online]

• Actually, after reading this interview with a “water connoisseur,” maybe Keane should have figured out what water tastes like. In case you were wondering, you should pair red meat with “a high mineral content water” so you can “enjoy the substance of the water and the way it stands up to the dish.” Wow. Just … wow. We’re talking about water, not wine, right? Jesus just got confused. [SFist]

• The Chicago Tribune released a report that says “more than 50 companies are pushing tea or the equipment needed to make tea” at the NRA show this week, so maybe tea is the new water which is the new wine. [Chicago Tribune]

• Milk is now more expensive than gasoline. No word on whether the government will invade Wisconsin to look for weapons of mass destruction. [Business Week]


Clickery: Beverages Everywhere!