Chinese Restaurant Refuses Pennies; Alan Richman at It Again

The controversy continues about a Chinese restaurant in the Bronx that refused to accept pennies: “Outside the restaurant, the block was abuzz with talk of spare change and spare ribs.” [NYT]

Alan Richman manages to piss off another major American city with his GQ column, this time by denying San Francisco’s influence on American food. [Serious Eats]
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The Science Barge, with its hydroponic circulators, wind turbines, and other green technologies, will show New York that it’s possible to produce food in the city without net carbon emissions or pollution. [Metro NY]

Martha Stewart is now getting into the grocery business with a line of fresh and frozen food to be distributed at Costco. [NYT]

And Donald Trump launches his own line of steaks, which will be distributed through the appropriately eighties Sharper Image. [NYDN]

Food experts think the current farm bill being debated in Congress is one of the most important pieces of legislation in years; Mouthing Off provides a “cheat sheet.” [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]

Chinese Restaurant Refuses Pennies; Alan Richman at It Again