Blog Roundup: Holiday Weekend Edition

In honor of Memorial Day, here’s a super-size blog roundup:

• Oh thank heavens: Carlo Petrini and CUESA have commenced peace talks. The world’s farms can continue growing potatoes. [Bay Area Bites]

• With all the controversy in New York surrounding the lack of female chefs in the kitchen, it’s nice to know that this progressive little city of ours doesn’t have the same issues. [Gridskipper SF]

• At Perbacco, Sam went through a lengthy trial and error process to uncover the new Italian restaurant’s gems: pasta and salumi. [Becks & Posh]

• If you can’t get in to Zuni Cafe, you could do worse than Foreign Cinema. A lot worse. [Bunrabs]

• Nothing says patriotism like a boozey weekend. [SFist]

• Restaurants spend a lot more money on bread than you think. Some spend up to $60,00 a year. [Between Meals]

• Chocolate mousse + basil gelee = deliciousness. [Chez Pim]

• Zagat put together a list of the best outdoor dining destinations in the city. On the list: Isa , The Terrace at the Ritz-Carltone, Zazie and more. [Zagat Buzz]

• The Burritoeater speaks! [SFist]

• The Harry Potter craze has now reached the culinary world. [The Grinder]

• Online quizzes are always fun, even ones about the history of the hamburger. [A Hamburger Today]

• “Hey let’s make a perfume that smells like a food item” … “Great idea, what were you thinking along the lines of? Cherries? Truffles?” … “No–blue cheese!” [An Obsession With Food]

[Photo courtesy: Burritoeater]

Blog Roundup: Holiday Weekend Edition