Blog Roundup: Chaos Everywhere

• San Francisco’s going through a bit of a chef merry-go-round. Jamie Lauren is switching from Levende to Absinthe, while Mauro Pando, formerly of Lark Creek Inn is jumping over to Grand Cafe. A host of other types of upheaval abound as well. Chaos is sure to ensue. [Zagat Buzz]

• Speaking of ensuing chaos, Michael Bauer wonders about a child’s right to drink wine … [Between Meals]

• … while Grub Street, hot off their big absinthe scoop, takes a peek at the forbidden fruit of alcohol, moonshine. [Grub St]

• If you don’t know what vacherin is, just know that Coco500 has it on the dessert menu and it’s really just a “powerhouse dessert.” [Bunrab]

• We are oh-so-glad that The Grinder picked this up, because without a doubt, this video is the most brilliant thing you’ll see today. [The Grinder]

Blog Roundup: Chaos Everywhere