Blog Roundup: Chain Reactions

Houston’s is one of the most clicked menus on both our San Francisco and New York sites. Sam from Becks & Posh, who fancies herself a foodie extraordinaire, had an evening there that was “perfect.” Beware the rise of the chain restaurant. [Becks & Posh]

• At some point, every parent has to introduce his/her child to the horrors of fast food. For one father, it was a successful mission. This line alone is worth the read: “We walked up, ordered a Happy Meal from the predictably apathetic and idiotic cashier – he screwed up our order, and all he had to do was press a button with a picture of a cheeseburger – and sat down at a booth.” [The Poop]

• In Manhattan–the land of holy pastrami, $30 lobster rolls and gourmet burgers–the best sandwich in New York City is …. ’wichcraft’s bacon, egg and gorgonzola. We have one here too. Let the scrutiny begin. [Grub St]

• What’s the deal with whale meat? [The Grinder]

• Chinatown has become a standard-bearer for the homecooked Chinese meal. [Between Meals]

Gridskipper got a facelift. And drunk. [Gridskipper SF]

Blog Roundup: Chain Reactions