Blog Reviews: Week Of Waiting For Cicadas

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week (sometimes at the same place), in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Some sort of knockoff of its more famous Hyde Park cousin Thai 55, Bangkok Thai 55 serves passable Thai food to Bridgeport, but does only takeout on Sundays [Chicagoist]

• Where there was once hip and happening Gourmand now stands staid and uninspiring Cafe Mediterra, a semi-sophisticated cafe by Printer’s Row [Gapers Block]

• Venture up to Chicago Kalbi, where the unafraid will be rewarded with one of East Asia’s best gifts to the culinary world, Korean BBQ. This spot is good for beginners

[Begin Crust-A-Thon]

• Great opening-day service at Crust, where the flatbreads are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside (as they should be) [Gapers Block]

• Nagrant says: get the flammkuchen at Crust, but skip the infused vodkas [Hungry Mag]

• More hipsters scarfing down flatbreads Crust, wondering if the portions are too small, while ordering seconds anyway (yum!) [The Stew]

[End Crust-A-Thon]

• The brisket is “the bomb” at Fat Willy’s, but some people might find the platters too overwhelming [Chicago Foodies]

• Average but enjoyable BBQ at Fireside, where you can get pretty much anything in the traditional American dining lexicon [Gapers Block]

• Mmm, South Asian rotisserie chicken…plus, Mazza BBQ has some Uzbek fare, apparently! [Gapers Block]

• Sometimes, we need a little fancy in our lives - mk fits the bill, providing you don’t get wigged out by the fast pacing of the courses [Chicagoist]

• Busy burger joint Muskie’s brings in an eclectic and endearing clientele with their high quality fast food and outdoor seating [Chicagoist]

• Unsurprisingly, the frozen custards at Scooter’s Frozen Custard are really good (the highlight of this review was meeting G Wiv, understandably) [Chicago Burger Project]

• Cute and much-loved Vella Cafe turns out great panini, but gets reminded to peel the skins off their chilis [The Stew]

[Photo: Periodical Cicadas, Clermont College]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Waiting For Cicadas