Blog Reviews: Week Of No Smoking

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• In case you’ve forgotten, Alhambra Palace still exists; opening was a tad tepid, but we await full-blown Alhambra with breathless anticipation [TOC Blog]

• The food at Kiki D’s is cold, crappy, and may even bite you back. For the steeliest, most self-hating stomachs only, please [Chicagoist]

• The lardons salad, intimate atmosphere and copious wine at Le Bouchon remind the eater why French dining is so lovely [Sweet Tooth]

• Authenticity abounds at McNamara’s, where a dark beer and shepherd’s pie topped with mash will warm up even the coldest soul [Chicagoist]

• As the only frozen custard purveyor in Chicago, Scooter’s doesn’t even have to bother, but it brings it anyway with an ever-changing roster of flavors and its oh-so-smoooooth-iness [Chicagoist]

• The new menu at Scylla is a hit, although portions might be shrinking, but one sip of the Shiraz and all doubt will vanish [Food Chain]

• A bit uneven out of the stocks, Sura shows enough potential with the good dishes that it may well start to tick when the liquor license hits [Chicagoist]


Blog Reviews: Week Of No Smoking