Bibimbap Basics

Korean food blog ZenKimchi Food Journal has a helpful primer on bibimbap:

Originally known as GolDongBan (”rice mixed with stuff”), Bibimbap is basically rice mixed with vegetables, usually some type of meat, and gochujang. But that’s the simple of it. Each one of the ingredients is something special in itself. It’s like a bunch of little salads and meats individually and carefully prepared placed on shiny rice in a bowl.

It’s also easy to find in Philadelphia if you know where to look. Olney’s Jong Ja Jip does an excellent rendition. Center City’s Tampopo mini-chain allows guests to customize their bibimbap with their choice of proteins (want caviar bibimbap? you’ve got it). Upper Darby’s Naq Won Garden does a stunning array of variations, including bibimbap with raw beef. But, ultimately, we have to say that Giwa’s bibimbap has a special place in our hearts—and is one of the best Center City lunch options around.

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[Photo via Zenkimchi]

Bibimbap Basics