Ask MenuPages: Eating Around Golden Gate Park

Hi MenuPages,

I love the new blog and thought I’d pose a question to you guys.

Now that we’re getting some nice weather [Ed: 54 degrees and cloudy?], I really enjoy spending a long day just hanging out in Golden Gate Park with my boyfriend. But last week, we didn’t know where to go for lunch and ended up going to some not-so-great chain sandwich store. So, can you recommend some good places around the Stow Lake/Big Rec area to have lunch and maybe even a place to grab a nice little early dinner?


Christina in the Mission

Hey Christina,

Thanks for the letter. We’ll do our best to help you out; that’s what we’re here for.

Ok, for lunch around that area … If you head over early enough, you would definitely enjoy dim sum at South Sea Seafood Village on Irving and 15th St. It’s not the cheapest place for dim sum, but the crab jook has gotten rave reviews on our site and others. For a sandwich spot that’s not a chain, we heartily recommend Yellow Submarine, which is one of our overall favorites in the entire city. They warm the fresh bread and everything. Don’t miss the freshly cut potatoes either.

For dinner, your best bet is to head to the 9th and Irving area. For something different, New Eritrea is one of the few Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurants in the city and you’re guaranteed delicious food without a dent in the wallet. Plus, sharing food is always romantic. Other options in the neighborhood may depend on what cuisine you fancy: Cafe Gratitude (Californian Vegan), Eldo’s (Southwestern), Kiki (sushi) or PJ’s Oysterbed (Cajun Seafood).

Ask MenuPages: Eating Around Golden Gate Park