Amuse Bouche: Smells Like Cupcakes!

One of our favorite food trends of the past few years has been the re-glorification of the humble cupcake. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They combine the best aspects of cake (covered in frosting!) and muffins (hand held!) to produce a tiny piece of near-perfection. We’ve always preferred our cupcakes to be yellow in cake and chocolate in frosting, although every so often, we’ll walk on the wild side and try lemon cake with vanilla frosting. Crazy!

Or so we thought. Recently, we’ve seen a few things on Slashfood that blew apart our narrow conception of the cupcake. First, there was this maple bacon cupcake with maple frosting. We don’t know if you noticed what just happened there, but we said bacon. In reference to a cupcake ingredient. Bacon! Inside a cupcake! Previously, we had not known that such glorious things could happen on earth.

Then! A mere day later, those wiley Slashfoodies posted another crazy concoction: the mojito cupcake. Whoa. We are in awe at the sick genius who came up with combining our favorite bakery treat and our favorite summer drink into five or so bites. This even improves on the dinner we had last night: cupcakes and beer. (Oh! So classy!)

All these new desserts got us hankering to try some fanciful cupcakes of our own. Alas, after consulting the Find-a-Food Search, we realized that Boston is not much on newfangled cupcakes. While it’s certainly not difficult to get a good cupcake (we’re partial to those from the South End Buttery and Sweet Christopher’s Dessert Cafe), the most adventurous cupcakes in the city seem to be the ice-cream-injected guys from Trani. Sigh. Looks like we’ll have to make our own.

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[Photo: Londonist]

Amuse Bouche: Smells Like Cupcakes!