You Are What You Eat: The Not-Quite-Starving Artist

Name: Laura Bridget Regan
Age: 24
Occupation: Musician (lead singer/pianist for Bridget and the Squares)/Nanny
Neighborhood: Medford

MenuPages: What’s your current favorite restaurant?
Laura: East Coast Grill isn’t exactly in Boston, but it’s close enough and too good not to mention.

MP: What’s your favorite meal in Boston?
Laura: I actually have three. On the cheap side of things, the Buffalo Burrito from Boloco with tofu, buffalo sauce, rice, blue cheese and celery is perfect. If I have a little more money, I love the hanger steak at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge. With mashed potatoes and a vegetable like brussel sprouts or broccoli… tastes like mom’s home cooking but not really because my mom can’t cook like that. If money is no object, I crave the seared tuna with roasted vegetables at East Coast Grill with a bonus side of mashed sweet potatoes with walnuts. Oh, goodness.

MP: So, where do you do your grocery shopping?
Laura: McKinnon Meat Market in Davis Square. The meat is cheap, but it’s still good and they have great produce as well. I also do Whole Foods for special stuff like goat cheese and Annie’s Mac’n’Cheese.

MP: Alright, Laura. You seem like you have the whole food thing under control, so tell us: what’s the best-kept dining secret in Boston?
Laura: There are a lot of great places just outside of downtown Boston like Soundbites in Ball Square, West on Centre in West Roxbury, and Kelly’s Diner in Ball Square. Oh and Haveli in Inman Square has great Indian food.

MP: Where do you go for a drink after a long day of nannying?
Laura: The Druid, Atwood’s Tavern, Charlie’s Kitchen, Bukowski. I like to drink. The margaritas at Redbones in Davis Square are also delicious.

MP: Okay, one last question: new Kenmore Square or old Kenmore Square?
Laura: I didn’t really experience the glory of the old Kenmore Square but the new one is way too ritzy and sterile so I would have to go with the one with more character. Old Kenmore all the way.

McKinnon Meat Market, 239 Elm St, Somerville, (617) 666-0888
Kelly’s Diner, 674 Broadway, Somerville, (617) 623-8102

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You Are What You Eat: The Not-Quite-Starving Artist