Will Lansdowne Street Become Boston’s New Restaurant Row?

Saturday’s Globe reports that Patrick Lyons, owner of Avalon, Axis, and assorted other restaurant and nightlife properties throughout the city, has plans to tear down Avalon and Axis and build a larger club in their place. This club, tentatively called the Lansdowne Street Music Hall, will host performers (BTW: best/most depressing sentence of the article: “Artists including Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Carly Simon have played there, and more recently Taylor Hicks and Fall Out Boy.”) and more intriguingly for our purposes, feature two restaurants, one fine dining and one with “popular prices”. If Lyons’ plan is approved, this would constitute a huge leap in the number of serious dining options on Lansdowne from one (the excellent new La Verdad) to three. The article got us thinking - who would be the right chefs for these (as yet) hypothetical restaurants?

The challenge for the Music Hall’s restaurants would be to balance the wants and needs of Boston’s serious foodies (particularly at the fine dining restaurant) with those of drunken clubbers and post-game Sox fans. While that’s a heady challenge, it’s not by any means impossible. Look at Las Vegas, which was a culinary no-mans-land a mere decade ago and now boasts many excellent restaurants that we could definitely not afford sitting right next to the all-you-can-eat shrimp buffets. We think that Frank McClelland would be a great choice for the fine dining spot. His food is elegant and endlessly interesting, but as the chef at L’Espalier and partner at Sel De La Terre, he’s shown a consistent sense of humor and a distinct lack of stuffiness - ideal qualities for a restaurateur in the shadow of Fenway. As for the restaurant we’ll actually be able to afford, we’d love to see something that’s a slight cut above the current late night options (i.e. Little Stevie’s), but still affordable. We can’t help but think that this might be a better location for Todd English’s forthcoming burger joint than Post Office Square.

What about you? What would you like to see on Lansdowne Street? Besides less fistfights. Leave a comment and let us know.

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Will Lansdowne Street Become Boston’s New Restaurant Row?