What If There Were No More Menus?

City councilpeople in New York introduce all sorts of crazy bills with some frequency (like this plan to fine pedestrians $100 for listening to their MP3 players in crosswalks), but a piece of legislation announced yesterday really caught our attention for reasons which will become clear momentarily: Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) is calling for a ban on the distribution of menus (and other fliers) to homes and apartment buildings with “no menus” signage. The fee for violating this law, suggests Felder, could start at $50. Evidently, if menus and other promotional materials build up outside an entranceway, the Department of Sanitation can fine the homeowner $100 for the mess.

We agree with this legislation in principle and practice. First of all, everyone hates spam, and that’s exactly what this addresses: physical spam. Having an opt-out clause for promotional materials is practically a civil right these days. Second, these fliers waste an incredible amount of paper and generate tons and tons of trash, whose cleanup is ultimately paid for by us, the targets of the advertising. Finally, and most importantly, if people didn’t get menus shoved under their doors, everyone would have to use MenuPages. Hahahaha! We’re calling our Alderman as we speak.

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[Photo: No Menus Please, an award-winning short film]

What If There Were No More Menus?