Weekend Recap: Some Imports Are Better Than Others

Here’s what you missed this weekend:

• Chowhounds debated the best Italian restaurants in the city, with the usual suspects getting the most nods, though a surprise entry was Capannina. [Chowhound]

• Chronicle travel writer Rick Steves stopped by the Tuscan countryside for the ultimate Slow Food lessons in wine and prosciutto. [SFGate]

• The once-maligned deliverymen of New York City have tasted the sweet waters of rebellion and they like it. Enter the industry trend of 2007. [NYT]

• Ladies and gentlemen, your feel-good fact of the weekend, hot off the AP Wire: “Just 1.3 percent of imported fish, vegetables, fruit and other foods are inspected — yet those government inspections regularly reveal food unfit for human consumption.” Yum. Please pass the drug-laced catfish. [Yahoo!]

• Oh, and Tony Bourdain had a lot to say about the Food Network Awards. Let’s just say that after the California Raisins and Rachael Ray graced the red carpet together, it was all downhill. [Ruhlman]

Weekend Recap: Some Imports Are Better Than Others