Weekend Recap: Dolphins Get A Little Safer

• Iowa + Parma + Berkshire pork = delicious artisan prosciutto. [SFGate]

• Rhubarb. So hot right now. [NYTimes]

Bi-Rite Creamery gets rave reviews on the internets for its chocolate olive oil sundae with Malden salt. [Chowhound]

• The Bush administration’s latest attempt to relax regulations on dolphin-safe tuna was rebuffed by the courts on Saturday. Score one for the little guys. And of course, the dolphins (“the clowns of the sea”). [SFGate]

• In sad news, an El Cerrito restaurant owner was killed in an apparent robbery gone wrong. Alfredo Figueroa, father of two, was cleaning up his Red Onion restaurant when four armed men entered and shot him in a struggle. [CBS]

Weekend Recap: Dolphins Get A Little Safer