Viewing Pleasure: This Is Not A Pop-Tart

We don’t know much about you yet, but we are fairly confident that you lack a certain…strudelness in your step. This is something you probably don’t think about right now, but as you grow older, you will realize that you wasted your prime strudeling years. We implore you, then, to grab life by the strudel and don’t let go until you’ve consumed every last crumb; you won’t regret it (unless you eat more than two or three slices at a sitting).

Look at this freakin’ strudel! Chills run down our spine from the thought of it. The right hemisphere of our brain is cherry and cheese, and the left is praline and pecan - this is what we’re trying to get across to you with the photos, how obsessed we are (at the moment) with this strudel. Readers in Wrigleyville, stop what you’re doing immediately and buy this product from Dinkel’s on Lincoln, just north of School Street. They have both flavors - frozen - for $13.49 (serves 8!) They also have fresh-baked apple strudel, but feh…actually, that’s probably pretty good, too.

Dinkel’s Bakery [MenuPages]

Dinkel’s Bakery [Official Site]

[Photo: Dinkel’s Strudels]


Viewing Pleasure: This Is Not A Pop-Tart