Viewing Pleasure: Medianoche @ Cafe Marianao

As distasteful as we find doing the same feature two days in a row, we simply could not resist bringing you the 411 on the medianoche sandwich at Cafe Marianao on N Milwaukee. The “cafe” is more of a little shack at the corner of W Prindiville, where Cuban sandwiches and coffee are served over a counter to the hungry masses, and consumed on car hoods as much as anywhere else. Somewhat like the relationship between yesterday’s Kubba Mosul and the kibbeh, the medianoche (or midnight, named after its popularity as post-theater snack in post-war Cuba) is a variant of the Cubano. It has the same basic ingredients, but it’s served on a smaller and sweeter yellow egg dough roll. In the picture, you can see the layers of ham and swiss cheese, ever-so-slightly melted, brushed with mustard and press-toasted to perfection. All this for $2.75. Yes, you read that right; they’re banh-mi cheap. Wash one down seventy-five cent Cafe Cubano some Sunday morning, and you’ll be dreaming of Old Havana (just don’t act on it).

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[Photo: G Wiv/LTHForum]

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Viewing Pleasure: Medianoche @ Cafe Marianao