Viewing Pleasure: Lamb, Bam, Thank You Ma’am

Aren’t these precious?


1&neighborhoodid;=0&cuisineid;=0” target=”_blank”>Narcisse calls it a New Zealand

lamb chop with coriander-mint gastrique, pickled red onion, and chilled

“cachoombar” couscouss. Lamb is definitely au currant, seeing how it’s

sacrificed for every religious meal from now until Memorial Day; after all, spring

is the perfect time of year to eat baby animals. But what’s the deal with cachoombar? A

cutesy transliteration of


target=”_blank”>Kachumbar is all. Meanwhile, we don’t see it anywhere in the

picture, but given the months left until tomato season, it may be just as well.

710 N Clark St

[Photo courtesy of David Ditzler, flickr]

Viewing Pleasure: Lamb, Bam, Thank You Ma’am