Tom Carvel’s Mysterious Death; Tom Valenti’s Awesome Uptown Digs

The old technique of force-feeding geese with a metal tube was the evil secret behind foie gras. Now there’s a new, gentler method: force-feeding them with a rubber tube. [NYT]

Tom Carvel’s niece is convinced that her uncle, the late custard king, was murdered, and she wants his body exhumed. [The Journal News]

Ouest chef Tom Valenti shows his museumlike 157th Street apartment to the world. [NYP]

Mark Russ Federman, the third-generation owner of Russ & Daughters, describes what his last meal would be to Nina Lalli: “We’re all about family and fish. But the meal is really about the herring.” [Eat for Victory/VV]

A new restaurant row has popped up near the site of the old South Street Seaport, and some of the places sound fairly promising. [NYP]

Ramp madness has beset New York; for a few weeks, chefs and gourmands will be obsessed with the green. [Gothamist]
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A wriggling dish of still-living octopus tentacles, caught on video at a restaurant in South Korea, and courtesy of YouTube. [Serious Eats]

You can tour all of Latin America without ever leaving New York. But you better have an unlimited MetroCard. [Gridskipper]

Tom Carvel’s Mysterious Death; Tom Valenti’s Awesome Uptown Digs