The Promo Department: Soul Food All Around

• It’s Southern Fried Night at Maverick. In the grand tradition of southern diners, chicken fried steaks, fried chickens and biscuits will be flowing at 17th Street this evening. There’s still some space left, but the small Mission eatery/wine bar is filling up fast, so pounce on the final few reservations.

The Fat Tuesday Band and Edna Love will be playing Biscuits & Blues tonight; also on sale for $30 are Friday night tickets for Elvin Bishop and Little Smokey Smothers.

• This isn’t tonight, but we just discovered that one of our favorite soul food spots, farmerbrown, offers Happy Hour all day on Sundays and Mondays. That’s a lot of joviality sure to cure your weekend blues. Or make them worse, depending.

• There’s a garden party at Bistro Yoffi tonight. It’s advertised as “the best hippie hangout in yuppieland.” What? There are yuppies in San Francisco? And they congregate in the Marina? Someone call the mayor!

• Finally, tonight marks the debut of supperclub’s “supperlite four-course Tuesdays.” The basic premise of the hip dining experience will persist, albeit in a shorter, $45 four-course form.

The Promo Department: Soul Food All Around