The Promo Department: So Many Events, So Few Days To Honor ‘Earth’

It’s a busy, busy Earth Day weekend coming up, with a slew of activities on tap. Let’s get to it.

• The “quintessential California vegetable,” the artichoke, gets its time in the limelight this Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market’s Artichoke Festival. Activities kick off at 10:30am with a conversation with a real artichoke farmer (!), followed by cooking demonstrations, lectures and of course, plenty of gustatory opportunities.

• Did someone say tamales? A Taste of Tamales by the Bay takes place from 12pm-4pm at the Fort Mason Center on Sunday the 22nd. Sample the finest in tamales, salsas and of course, complementary (and complimentary) wines at the upscale event. Tickets are expensive, at $75 for adults and $40 for kids, but benefits go to the Benchmark Institute, a nonprofit aimed at using the law to help low-income families.

• At Weekend en Espanol, you can spend the day fixing a fancy Peruvian spread. The catch is that you only speak Spanish in the class. Dios mio! For $180, you get eight hours of immersion in Peruvian culture, plus an authentic meal. [via Daily Candy]

The Green Apple Music Festival will pass through 12 Galaxies. Lots of cool bands with lots of cool instruments will be there playing lots of cool music. Be cool.

• We have to admit that we totally thought World’s Fairs went extinct around the same time they stopped displaying the latest in cotton gins and locomotives. Who knew that the San Francisco World’s Fair is alive and kicking this weekend along the Third Street Corridor?

The Promo Department: So Many Events, So Few Days To Honor ‘Earth’