The Devil On Your Shoulder

Yesterday, in a fit of post-Marathon inspiration, we talked about the angel on your shoulder, that helpful fellow who makes sure you get a veggie burger with turkey bacon and low-fat cheese. Today, however, the glow of watching runners cross the finish line has faded and we’re back to our old ways. In that spirit, we’d like to introduce you to our close companion, the devil on your shoulder. The devil on your shoulder wants tasty food and it wants it now. Below, some of the best places to feed your diabolical friend.

•At Bob’s Southern Bistro (né Bob The Chef’s), you could get the sauteeéd melange of vegetables. Or you could get a pork chop smothered in gravy. Or you could get fried chicken and waffles. Or you could get chitterlings. Or we could wipe the drool off our chin. Like we said, you could order the veggies. But would that really make you happy, deep in your soul? Like Dean from the old furniture commercials, we doubt it.
•Having gone to high school very close to Kenmore Square in the halcyon days of the late 1990s, we’re mildly distrustful of the Lower Depths Tap Rom, the haute dive bar that’s opened up in the space once occupied by Deli Haus. We do, however, have to admit that they make a damn fine bacon cheeseburger. Wanna know why it’s so good? The secret, dear reader, is bacon fat. We cannot adequately express the gluttonous tastiness that results from this method, but suffice to say that consuming said burger will improve your life at least tenfold. Unless you’re kosher. Or halal.
•As long as you’re splurging in terms of calories, shouldn’t you splurge in terms of money? Make a meal of appetizers at Mistral, where you can start with the escargots, which are served in a rich garlic butter, and continue on to the pan-seared foie gras, accompanied by duck confit in brioche and cherries. You may not be able to stand up afterwards, but your wallet, at least, will be a lot lighter.

Bob’s Southern Bistro [Official Site]
The Lower Depths Tap Room [MenuPages]
Mistral [Official Site]

[Photo: Punch and Judy]


The Devil On Your Shoulder