Sweet Spring Arrivals

Two new restaurants went up on MenuPages today that have seemingly little to do with each other (beyond the title of this post, which cleverly applies to both of them), but speak volumes about the tremendous diversity of the dining scene in Chicago.

The first is Azucar, or “sugar” in Spanish, is a tapas and cocktail bar that just opened in the last few weeks on Logan Square. The menu is quite inexpensive, with the bulk of the menu $6 or less; it has many of the classic dishes, and they offer a paella tapas, which is a nice treat (usually, paella comes by the ton only). Early reviews are favorable, although there seem to be some service kinks to work out. We’re sure they’ll do fine in the short run, since Azucar is the only tapas for miles in any direction.

The second, which just celebrated its eightieth anniversary last year, and opened for the season last month, is the Original Rainbow Cone in Beverly. A stalwart with all the standards, ORC still serves the flavors it offered when it opened in 1926, including the “Palmer House,” which is New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts. What this has to do with the actual Palmer House is beyond us, but it sounds good and it’s certainly withstood the test of time.

We’d recommend you to do both in one night, but given the distance that separates them both physically and conceptually, we say instead, enjoy each on its own time for its own merits.

Azucar | 2647 N Kedzie Ave | 773-486-6464

Original Rainbow Cone | 9233 S Western Ave | 773-238-7075


Sweet Spring Arrivals