San Gennaro Still Hanging; Power to the Deliverymen!

The San Gennaro festival is still facing serious opposition from the local community board, which recommends refusing it a permit. [NYT]

The Chinese deliveryman revolution is spreading; it’s a legitimate movement driven by “sheer numbers and … some forceful advocacy groups.” [NYT]
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One of the Gansevoort Hotel’s co-owners is found to have run a business with ties to a Russian assassin and gang leader. [NYP]

Contrary to popular belief, restaurants don’t fail more often than most businesses do. But the myth is perpetuated by bank lenders and sloppy reporters. [BusinessWeek]

Lobsters are in short supply this year, especially big ones, which are commanding over $100 in Boston right now. [NYT]

The rabbi who accused haute kosher restaurant Le Marais of not hewing to dietary law is being sued by the place’s owners, who are calling out his youthful indiscretions. [NYP]

The government’s E.coli point man doesn’t think that pre-bagged greens are safe to eat. [NPR via Chow]

A New York version of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is coming to New York, via the good offices of Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz. Mario Batali is already onboard. [NYP]

San Gennaro Still Hanging; Power to the Deliverymen!