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Rock-Star Recipes!

You may recall that restaurant-launching chef Sam Mason stars in an Internet show called Dinner With the Band, where he teaches tricks of the trade to participating musicians. Intrigued by this concept, we wondered what other rockers eat. How handy are they in the kitchen — or in the parking lot, as the case may be — without the help of a professional? Kara Zuaro, editor of the Brooklyn Record, has the answers in her new book, I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen With Your Favorite Bands, a collection of recipes she gathered from musicians at festivals, bars, and friends’ homes. There’s wild-boar ragù from the Violet Femmes, semi-raw everyday pasta from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, buttermilk pie from Okkervil River, and much, much more. After the jump, Grub Street provides a taste of a few New York favorites.

Midwestern-style bratwurst from the Hold Steady: Bass player Galen Polivka hails from Wisconsin where, he explains, “the culinary art of Bar-B-Q is taken quite seriously.” The recipe entails simmering chopped onions, sauerkraut, and brats in a pot of near-boiling Miller High Life; grilling the meat; and enjoying the finished product with pickled relish and mustard. Says Polivka: “The aural equivalent of a beer and a brat is, without question, classic rock.”

Vegetable enchiladas with tomatillo salsa from Matt Pond PA: Matt Pond tells the Zuaro of the Sunday night he searched for four hours for fresh tomatillos while his roommate waited at home to cook. They ended up eating at midnight, but the adventure was far from over: “Although it was delicious, there was glaring and door slamming and a full week of all the passive-aggressive behavior that goes into being a proper New York City roommate.”

Countrypolitan from They Might Be Giants
: “Developed deep in the Catskills Mountains of New York State by city folk for city folk,” this drink from John Flansburgh puts a twist on the so-five-years-ago Cosmopolitan. It’s a blend of non-infused vodka and Cointreau as well as cranberry, pomegranate, and lime juices. And, true, it’s not food per se, but don’t let’s start.

Patriot Act Mojitos from Nada Surf: This one’s not food either, but who can resist instructions like these? “Leave the USA. Purchase some Havana Club rum and try not to get arrested this time when you bring it back into the country.” The recipe also calls for crushed mint, sugar, and lemon, but bass player Daniel Lorca is very serious about the alcohol: “If you make this with anything other than real rum from Cuba, you are wasting your time.”
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Rock-Star Recipes!