Right This Second: Food In The Chicago Blogosphere, Vegetable Edition

Vegetables seem to be on the brain today, since everyone’s got a piece about ‘em (some in more figurative terms than others). To whit:

• Martha Bayne passes along a press release from MorningStar Farms (a divison of Kellogg) that urges us, the consumer, to participate in their vegetable-related video creation contest, whose grand prize is a trip to that tomato-throwing festival in Spain (actually, that’s pretty awesome, although tomatoes aren’t vegetables). Unfortunately, this whole scheme reeks of VeggieTales, so we cannot condone it [Food Chain]

• Vital Information has some surprising information on proper vegetable storage: did you know that if you wrap carrots or beets or whatever root vegetable you have around in damp paper towels, seal them in a plastic bin and keep them in a controlled temperature environment (a basement, if you have one, would do nicely), they can last for several months? Months! This will be useful when the apocalypse comes. In the meantime, use the greens from the top of the veggies in your salad, or steam them [Vital Information]

• Chuck Sudo profiles the new president of the Illinois Restaurant Association, who is none other then Sheila O’Grady, Daley’s former chief of staff. The vegetable in this case is not O’Grady herself (though time will tell), but the foie gras ban: she wants to lift it. Other things that were accomplished under her watch include the midnight razing of Meigs Field. This is a woman who does not screw around (allegations of institutionalized corruption and criminal neglect aside). Chicago, prepare to eat all the engorged liver your bodies and souls can withstand! [Chicagoist]

[Photo: VeggieTales on Wikipedia]


Right This Second: Food In The Chicago Blogosphere, Vegetable Edition