Review Revue: Sun-Times @ Plan B & Brief Thoughts On Catfish

Denise O’Neal is out on the town at Plan B, which is so hip it has its own MySpace! Anyway, the fancy bar food menu was designed by Jason Paskewitz, formerly of SushiSamba Rio, and the kitchen’s run by Jesus Baupista, formerly of Iggy’s (which closed, so no link), who competently turns out sandwiches, fondues, and classics like baked mac & cheese ($7). The atmo is chill, which is really necessary if you’re going to try to eat something like “The Heart Attack” (1/2 lb grilled beef burger with fried ham, bacon, swiss cheese, topped with hot sauce, $9). Plus, it’s open quite late.

In this week’s Swap Shop, Sandy Clark investigates catfish, mentioning a recipe for beer-battered fried catfish that she found from Chicago fisherman J.R. Brevin. Yes, Chicagoans love their catfish, but we had no idea how much until we searched around our database for restaurants serving the bottom-dweller. Would you believe that over a third of the restaurant we list for the South Side (which comes out to more than 100) offer catfish? That is a lot of catfish! We wonder how much of that isn’t fried…

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[Photo: ChicagoEye/flickr, from a hand-painted Chicago billboard]


Review Revue: Sun-Times @ Plan B & Brief Thoughts On Catfish