Review Revue: Reader @ Azucar & Blu Coral

Well, we can’t seem to get enough of Azucar these days, can we. Today, the Reader chimes in with a positive review. Picking completely different dishes than David Tamarkin did in his review for Time Out, Kathie Bergquist opted for salads and beef tapas (she loved the beef empanadas on a fire-roasted pepper puree) with few regrets. Like Tamarkin, she also got some face time with owner Robert Otero, who offered a shot to the Reader party. Does everyone get free shots? Given that we’ve been reading about Azucar a lot lately, what we appreciate most about this review is the nice picture of croquettas, olives and cornichons which accompany it.

Meanwhile, David Hammond yawns (same link) through another over-the-top sushi experience at Blu Coral, the new Wicker Park branch of the Woodfield-based restaurant/lounge. The interior is standard-issue sleek and metallic and the sushi is as fresh as it should be for the price, but there is not too much to get excited about. At least, as we noted a week and change ago, it’s open fairly late.

Tapas in Logan Square and Sushi, Sushi Everywhere [Reader]

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[Photo: Reader]


Review Revue: Reader @ Azucar & Blu Coral