Restaurant I.D.-Theft Ring Exposed; Ted Nugent–Influenced Cuisine

Waiters in 40 restaurants formed a huge identity-theft ring, recording credit-card numbers and making $3 million in purchases. [Fox NY]

Donald Trump gets a sweetheart deal from the state to build Trump on the Ocean, a huge restaurant and banquet hall, on Jones Beach. [Newsday]

Chef J.J. Rachou is still feeling the sting from his Department of Health closure and can’t bring himself to reopen Brasserie LCB yet. “If you lift every can, you find a cockroach,” he says. [NYT]

Keith McNally’s anti-billboard campaign continues with posters reading “shame on the Hotel Gansevoort.” [NYP]

The chef from the Jackson Ave. Steakhouse discusses hot kitchens and Ted Nugent’s influence on his cookery. [NYP]

Trips to the supermarket and pending farm legislation make it clear that the poorer you are, the more likely it is that you’ll eat cheap, fattening foods. [NYT]

Find out what Frank Sinatra and Blimpie have in common by reading the newly released Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink, by Brooklyn historian Andrew Smith. [NYP]

Restaurant I.D.-Theft Ring Exposed; Ted Nugent–Influenced Cuisine