Recipes Of The Philly Indie Rock Stars

Brooklyn-based journalist Kara Zuaro recently edited a cookbook of recipes from indie rock bands called “I Like Food, Food Tastes Good“. A number of local acts contributed recipes, including RJD2, Dr. Dog and Matt Pond PA. In an interview with the Portland Mercury, Zuaro shared some of her favorite recipes:

I was really surprised by how great some of the recipes are, but a lot of the bands with the best recipes work in restaurant kitchens during their breaks from tour. Eric Bachmann, from Crooked Fingers and Archers of Loaf, has worked in kitchens all his life, and his seared tuna with wasabi-coconut sauce is really great.

Here in Philadelphia, a number of indie rock venues double as restaurants. Apart from Johnny Brenda’s, North Star and Dr Watson’s Pub also serve food, just to name a few.

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Recipes Of The Philly Indie Rock Stars