The Week In (User) Reviews: Euro-Edition!

Every Friday, we provide you with the best–and the worst–user reviews from the week. The following reviews are real, valid, submitted, unedited (except where marked) reviews from our various sites.

Last week, we honored some of our more creative user reviews. This week, we’re going to tackle reviews that make non-sequitur references to European countries.


Yeah, non-sequitur’s great, isn’t it?

Our three favorites post-jump.

In third place, we present to you a new way to leave a negative review.

It was like being back in the former USSR again. Brought back a lot of memories I didn’t want.

Our first loser conjures up the olfactory delight of the Alps. Or the Rhone. Or something. Actually, we don’t really get it.

The place smells like france and switzerland (i have lived in both).

And this week’s “winner”:

in Italy we know that ham is a vegetable, not sure about Spain
The Week In (User) Reviews: Euro-Edition!