Is There a Warrant Out on Jason Neroni?

The owner of Porchetta claims that not only was Jason Neroni fired but that the termination was for misappropriation of funds — and there’s a warrant out for his arrest. (If so, the Desperate Chef is hiding in plain sight, as we just saw him last night at the TONY awards.) [Eater]

Nearly everyone got an award at last night’s Time Out New York food awards, including Per Se for Best Splurge and A Voce for New Restaurant of the Year. But the Russian Tea Room for Best Reopening? Those manipulated blurbs must be working. [TONY]

Talk about gross dereliction: The Department of Health, it turns out, ignored complaints about that KFC–Taco Bell for two months before sending an inspector — who did such a bad job that she would have been fired had she not just quit. [NYP]

Food Network siren Giada De Laurentiis on the short list to host the new fourth hour of the Today show with Tiki Barber. [NYP]

Even movie executives have to submit to humiliating grillings to get good tables in the best restaurants. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

McDonald’s not only agrees to unionization in China but will also pay a penny more a pound for tomatoes in Florida, doubling the salary of migrant workers. [NYT]

Gordon Ramsay spotted “throwing a fit” on camera at a midtown restaurant for his new show. [Restaurant Girl]

Exotic spicing, braising, and molecular gastronomy — coming soon to your local fast-food outlet. [Chow]

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Balthazar is giving away free Champagne on April 23rd: flutes at breakfast and whole bottles at lunch and dinner. [Gawker]

Is There a Warrant Out on Jason Neroni?