Opening: Sura Thai Bistro

Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today marks the birth of a new breed of Thai food in Chicago: the flashy New York import. The people who brought Peep, Spice, and Sea to Earth now wish to extend their benevolence to the Second City with Sura Thai Bistro, currently serving lunch in Wrigleyville. Think of it as a curvy, groovy lounge for exploring the newest trends in Thai fusion, and also boozing. Sura, in Thai, means liquor, and they have a full bar to back it up (no BYO in fusionland).

The menu is tapas-y, and the small plates, with items like seared scallops with fruit salad and whole grain mustard reduction running $4-$6. They also have entree portions, including some very strangely worded offerings like braised duck in Pinot Noir, one-eye son-in-law with tamarind soy reduction ($14). We sincerely hope that’s some sort of expression in Thai, and not evidence of foul play. Also confusing us is the face towel noodle with shrimps, squids, egg and tomato chili paste. Just what kind of operation are they running, exactly? Well, one that’s open late - until 2am on the weekends! But the best part is clearly those swinging chairs. Come on, that’s cool.

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Opening: Sura Thai Bistro