Opening: Alhambra Palace

So epic it doesn’t even get made fun of in the title, Alhambra opened to much fanfare this past Friday night. The Stew was even kind enough to put a up a video of the gargantuan, Orientalized space, with room for 1300. We have been to the actual Alhambra in Grenada and it doesn’t hold that many people (not true). When are 1300 people ever going to go to Alhambra simultaneously? It’s definitely in a class by itself in Chicago, both in sheer size, and to a lesser extent iat that price point for Middle Eastern cuisine

(Samah Lounge, maybe?)
We’re somewhat excited at the prospect of an entire convention taking over the place for dinner (the American Legion, State of Illinois, mens’ conference has 1200 participants, for example), and making a time of it, with the belly dancing and hookah and hooplah.

Anyway, what everyone wants to know about it is the menu. Up through last week, Alhambra had no visible website, and would not send us a menu (we asked nicely). This morning, we were checking our Daily Candy when, lo and behold, there it was. So we clicked and it brought us to Alhambra Hacienda Restaurant, located just around the corner in Cusco, Peru. Ha! Meanwhile, they’ve since corrected it on their website, so no harm done. And yes, Alhambra’s offcial site does have their full menu, but what good does that do you when they’re not serving it until next week? Here, now, is the actual menu of what they’re actually serving this week: they’re calling it an Epicure menu, and it’s populated by the standard mezzes and kabobs of any south-of-the-Med restaurant worth its salt. Pricey? Sure, a little, but very close to what the regular menu charges. We are intrigued by the Alhambra platter, which is intended to be split eight ways for $120. That’s $15 a person, which is not bad - perhaps for the next time you and your caravan are peckish.

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[Photo: Alhambra Palace dance floor. Boogie woogie.]

Opening: Alhambra Palace