New York Is Tops; More Sam Mason

New York named the nation’s top restaurant city, based on total restaurants, number of internationally known fine-dining places, “a wide segment of second-tier restaurants,” and more. [MSNBC]

The shuttered Tonic holds a press conference at the steps of City Hall to demand the protection of cultural venues. [Gothamist]

Ed Levine goes inside Esca as they await yesterday’s Times review. [Serious Eats]

Gordon Ramsay asks vegetarian Victoria Beckham to look after his little lambs, without her knowing their fate. She’s not happy, but a nation is amused. [Londonnet]

Can’t get enough Sam Mason? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at last week’s Dinner With the Band Webisode, featuring Williamsburg duo Matt and Kim. [Brooklyn Record]

Chanterelle’s David Waltuck says he likes potato chips and congee and isn’t so crazy about his own ravioli. [Restaurant Girl]

Fourteen percent of New Yorkers (one in four men) routinely binge drink, binging meaning five drinks “on one occasion.” [Metro NY]

New York Is Tops; More Sam Mason