Mojito Madness At Carnivale

It seems like a pretty arbitrary and gratuitous three-day event that Carnivale has scheduled, but so is the impending temperature plunge (in a few hours, it will be in the 40s!), so we whole-heartedly endorse the Mojito Festival that starts tonight at 7:30pm. Day One features a ‘Mojito’$2 101 class, taught by illustrious professors from the Bacardi University for Scantily Clad Women, accompanied by Hector Silveira’s Cuban music stylings (he’s apparently quite good). Also, you can submit your own Mojito recipe, to be judged on Day Two by a panel of “celebrity judges” (local media types), with more Cuban music by the Melendez Tropical Sextet (with a name like that…) On Day Three, and this is the justification for the Mojito Festival, Carnivale will be selling its 100,000th mojito, and with Bacardi Ltd., will be giving away a trip for two to Miami. Now, we’re normally pretty cynical about these corporate-sponsored promotions, but we think they’ve put together a nice schedule. And, since Bacardi is picking up the tab, all you have to do is make reservations and eat: the Festival will be transpiring all around you.

Mojito Festival [Official Site]

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Carnivale [Official Site]

[Photo: Spokane 7, because you can drink mojitos anywhere]

Mojito Madness At Carnivale