Menu Mission: El Maya Yucatan

Try as we might, we can’t track down every single menu in the city. That’s where you, dear user, come in. Menu Mission is a new feature where we make a plea to our users to send us an commonly-requested menu.

Nothing beats a good ol’ dive.

And nothing beats a good ol’ Mexican Mission joint.

Hence our intrigue regarding El Maya Yucatan, which recently surfarced on our radar after a glowing review from Chowhound elder statesman rworange. Nothing says the Mission like tortas de cochinita and unmarked squeeze bottles of an as-yet unidentified spicy substance. So, rworange and the rest of you Chowhounds, you’ve done it. You’ve piqued our interest in this “working man’s place.” Now can we have a menu?

Extra points to anyone who can explain the roles of the three managers, who by the looks of their respective surnames, appear to be Vietnamese and Polish. Because, you know, the Yucatan is home to lots of Vietnamese and Polish people.

Email us a menu or fax it to 415-358-5770.

El Maya Yucatan, 2022 Mission St (At 16th St), 415-252-8810

[Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan (get it?) photo courtesy: Adventure Pics]

Menu Mission: El Maya Yucatan