Foodie Bloomie; the Starbucks Master Plan

Bloomberg holds sway over our eating habits like no mayor before him. [NYT]

Wayne Nish is out to save Varietal from its folly, including a “full-of-itself wine list [that] boasted obscure, uninspired vintages masquerading as hidden treasures” and desserts that were “scary messes.” [NYT]

Behold, the Starbucks master plan for growth — which may help to explain its aggressive anti-union strategy, which has roused the ire of the National Labor Relations Board. [Business Week]

DiFara reopens, with green walls and a new lease on life. Meanwhile, DeMarco’s owner Maggie DeMarco confirms that the Macdougal Street sister restaurant will close its dining room but that they’ll still be serving takeout. [Serious Eats]

Rachael Ray not only drives green vehicles herself, she also insists on being driven in them. [NYP]

Julia Child was no friend to gay men in the kitchen. [NYP]

Fodor’s five ways to save when dining out in NYC, including making lunch the big meal, hitting the East Village, and going to spinoff restaurants. [Fodor’s]

Lynn Crawford, an Alice Waters disciple promoted from within the hotel organization, is the new executive chef at the Four Seasons. [NYS]

Coming soon to a supermarket near you: Mario Batali products aplenty. [WSJ (subscription only)]

Foodie Bloomie; the Starbucks Master Plan