Le Bernardin Lands the ‘Best Sommelier in America’

No sleep till Le Bernardin.
No sleep till Le Bernardin.haha

When Wallsé’s Aldo Sohm won the American Sommelier Association’s competition last month, we suspected he’d soon be in charge of a bigger wine program. Now we hear that he is taking over as wine director of Le Bernardin.

Does this mean the famed restaurant’s wine list will move toward the Austrian and German whites with which Sohm is associated? Just the opposite, he tells us. “Honestly, one of the reasons for my move to Le Bernardin is because everyone connects me with Austrian wine. The reason I won the competition is because I know France and America and other countries too.” Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert sees it much the same way. “Our wine list will change as much as Aldo wants, but I’m convinced that he’s going to keep a strong international scope, with many white Burgundies.” Sohm will still be knee deep in Austrian wine for at least another week at Wallsé before he takes over at Le Bernardin on May 1. A few weeks later, he’ll head out of town for the Best Sommelier in the World contest in hopes of bringing his new employer even greater wine-world glory.

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Le Bernardin Lands the ‘Best Sommelier in America’