Just Another Day In Pacifica

In what’s proving to be a busy month for the Pacifica police force, a Pacifica woman recently plead not guilty to misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges in relation to an incident on the 500 block of the coastal city’s Esplanade Drive. According to reports, the woman targeted a gay couple (who supposedly frequented the grocery store where she worked) and threw produce at them:

Tiffany Adler, 20, is accused of heaving an assortment of apples and asparagus at the couple from the interior of a van driving past them as they walked down a city street, according to the district attorney’s office.Adler also allegedly yelled a slur at the victims, the district attorney’s office reported.Both victims were struck by the fruits and vegetables, and police investigating the incident reportedly discovered a piece of asparagus in Adler’s purse, according to the district attorney’s office.

Now, there’s obviously absolutely nothing funny about hate crimes of any type, but allegedly assaulting someone with produce (and then hiding the leftover asparagus in a purse!) is sure to provoke some publicity, not to mention some head-scratching.

Adler will stand trial this summer. Here’s hoping justice is served. And that asparagus is cooked rather than weaponized.

Pacifica Woman Charged For Assaulting Gay Couple With Produce [KTVU, via SFist]

Just Another Day In Pacifica