Neroni Leaves Porchetta; City Hates Big Pink Cupcake

Chef Jason Neroni leaves Porchetta, citing “irreconcilable differences,” and claiming that pastry chef Mandy Brown and “most of the kitchen staff” are leaving with him. We don’t know the details (yet), but this seems pretty harsh: The restaurant gave him absolute creative license, as far as we can tell, for as long as it’s been open. [Eater]
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New Yorkers aren’t really spooked by health violations: “If you take the subway, you know what’s down there.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

The city wants Burgers and Cupcakes to take down its huge, incandescent pink cupcake sign because it’s too close to a hydrant, saying, “This isn’t a campaign against cupcakes.” [NYP]

Union Square Cafe’s Michael Romano, Porter House New York’s Michael Lomanaco, and B.R. Guest honcho Chris Giarraputo agree to serve on the board of the Trans-Fat Help Center, in order to advise lesser chefs seeking to escape their Crisco habit. [NYP]

A new executive chef’s work at the Meadowlands is typical of the ongoing upgrade of food in sports arenas throughout the country — if you consider panini and pulled-pork sandwiches a major upgrade over hot dogs. [NYDN]

Gordon Ramsay’s devious maneuvers have only enhanced his reputation among his fellow Britons: He is, according to a new poll, the most admired man in the United Kingdom. [ITV]

In other news, Ramsay’s former mentor Marco Pierre White is suing Ramsay for stealing a reservation book and then blaming White for it — an act that Ramsay recently admitted in a New Yorker profile. [Times of London]

Neroni Leaves Porchetta; City Hates Big Pink Cupcake