Jason Neroni Arrested, Taken Into Custody

Jason Neroni, as we suggested might happen, has been arrested and charged. At last word, he was cooling his heels in the 76th Precinct. [Gawker]
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The Department of Health’s crackdowns have cost the industry millions, claims the New York Restaurant Association. [NYP]

The Shake Shack was only the beginning: The New York hamburger now has to be natural, ethical, and very, very good to compete in a crowded landscape. [NYDN]

Rubin Caslow, the smoked-fish king, dies at 86. His Acme Smoked Fish Corp. sold 7 million pounds a year throughout America. [NYP]

Brooklyn gets its own version of the MUD truck. [NYDN]

Mario Batali’s skillet meals debut. “Unless you are a full-time chef, it’s hard to find the time to make an authentic Italian meal from scratch,” the ubiquitous chef claims. Tell that to grandma! [PR Newswire]

Tablecloths are on their way out, it seems, and not everybody is happy about it. [Esquire]

Restaurateur Harry Poulakakos’s financial-district efforts continue with Gold St., the area’s first 24-hour eatery. [Reuters]

Jason Neroni Arrested, Taken Into Custody